Second competition for the Leszek Kołakowski Honorary Fellowship begins

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The Foundation for Polish Science announces the second competition in the Leszek Kołakowski Honorary Fellowship programme for outstanding philosophers and intellectual historians.

The aim of the fellowship is to recognize scholars who early in their career can demonstrate outstanding achievements in the field of the history of ideas and mediaeval and modern philosophy through 1939. The year-long stipend may be awarded to scholars from Poland or abroad. As FNP Vice President Prof. Włodzimierz Bolecki said, “The fellowship expresses the desire to honour the achievements of the late Prof. Leszek Kołakowski, one of the most distinguished thinkers of the second half of the 20th century, and also to promote Polish philosophical thought around the world.”

Candidates for the fellowship are nominated by distinguished scholars from all over the world individually invited by the award committee to participate in the process. The winner is selected by a committee made up of philosophers and intellectual historians of international standing: Prof. Tadeusz Gadacz from the Pedagogical University of Kraków, Dr Dmitri Levitin and Sir Noel Malcolm from the University of Oxford, Prof. Steven Nadler from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Prof. Dominik Perler from the Humboldt University of Berlin, Prof. Bogdan Szlachta from Jagiellonian University, and Prof. Catherine Wilson from the University of York. The committee will examine the candidates’ achievements and their research plans.

The rules for the competition do not permit self-nominations.

The competition is held every two years. The first winner in the programme was Dr Dmitri Levitin, an intellectual historian at the University of Oxford and author of publications on the history of modern European thought, including the history of philosophy, science, medicine, and church/state relations.

The amount of the stipend is up to PLN 100,000.