The eNgage competition seeks innovative ideas for popularisation of science

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The first edition of the eNgage competition, part of the FNP SKILLS* project, is now open for entries.


The main objective of the eNgage competition is to develop skills in popularisation of science or presentation of the results of scientific research for non-scientists, especially young people and students. Competition entries should be innovative ideas for popularisation, and there are no restrictions on the methods that entrants can use. For example, they can prepare a series of lectures or meetings, write a blog or design a smartphone app aimed at popularisation of knowledge.


Each project must have as an integral part a minimum of four meetings with young people aimed at popularising science and a career in science as a worthwhile development path. These do not have to be the main objective of the project, and the products made within the project can also be presented at them.


The prize for the best ideas is 45,000 PLN, which winners must spend on their project over the course of a year. The prize is made up of two parts: a subsidy (80%) and individual support for the winner (maximum 20% of the prize; beneficiaries may also choose to spend this money on their projects).


Participants in the SKILLS project representing all fields of science may participate in the competition:

  • researchers resident in Poland and employed on a full-time contract basis at a scientific/academic institution based in Poland
  • doctoral students from Polish scientific/academic institutions, resident in Poland.


Candidates have until 16 June 2014 to get their eNgage competition entries in.


We?re waiting for your entries!

More information available on the programme website and from the coordinator: Emilia Wojewoda, email:


*The SKILLS project is co-financed from European Union funds within the European Social Fund.