The IRAP competition for beneficiaries of the Teaming programme launched

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Today, 17 July, 2018, the Foundation for Polish Science has announced an International Research Agendas competition for beneficiaries of the Teaming programme (IRAP PLUS). The deadline for submitting the first and second parts of the application expires on 28 August.

Only applicants* who intend to implement their IRAP project in a unit which received support under the Teaming Phase 2 competition, run by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, are eligible to enter the 11/2018 competition (IRAP PLUS module). A total of PLN 180 million will be awarded in total.

Please see also:

  • Programme website where you can find a detailed description of the scheme, the terms and conditions of the programme, the application procedure, as well as the official competition documentation.
  • Video materials from informational meetings and webinars concerning the IRAP scheme.


To obtain additional information, please call the programme coordinators at the following numbers or email them at the addresses:

* Applicants may also submit applications in other IRA competitions, under the terms and conditions of each competition, as stipulated in the documentation.