FNP Announces the Second Competition for Polish-Ukrainian Research Projects (The UA translation is available)

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The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has launched its second Polish-Ukrainian research projects competition for scientists in the social sciences and humanities. Pairs of scholars from Poland and Ukraine can apply until the end of September.

The call for applications in the FNP’s “FOR UKRAINE – Programme for Scientists from Ukraine Cooperating with Scientists from Poland” will be open until September 30 (expired). The programme is addressed, on the one hand, to scholars holding at least a doctoral degree (or its equivalent), who on February 24, 2022, i.e. the day of the Russian invasion against Ukraine, were employed at scientific and research institutions in the country (including the temporarily occupied territories), and on the other hand – to scholars employed at similar institutions in Poland.

The FOR UKRAINE programme is the second competition for Polish-Ukrainian research projects in the social sciences and humanities organized by the FNP in 2022. Each pair of winners will receive a total of PLN 268,800 for a 12-months project. The funding covers both salaries and research-related expenses. The applicants must be Polish-Ukrainian pairs of scholars with each person representing each country’s scientific or research institution. The application should be submitted on their joint behalf by the person employed in Poland and the hosting unit (i.e. the Polish scientific institution with which the project will be affiliated). In this edition of the competition, an international group of experts appointed by the FNP will select three projects for financing.

Support for Scientists from Ukraine

In 2022, the FNP has allocated more than PLN 1,600,000 of its own funds for the FOR UKRAINE programme to organize the two scientific projects competitions. In addition, the Foundation has launched a fundraiser aimed to provide additional support for researchers from Ukraine involved in the winning projects. For more information about this initiative, visit the website: pomocukrainie.fnp.org.pl/en.

The FOR UKRAINE programme also offers opportunities for creating institutional-business partnerships with the Foundation for Polish Science in order to support Ukrainian scientists and help them carry out research projects.

About the FOR UKRAINE Programme

Motivated by the tragic events in Ukraine, in the middle of March 2022, the Foundation for Polish Science launched its new initiative in an act of solidarity with Poland’s neighboring country. The FOR UKRAINE programme is aimed at providing direct support to researchers in the social sciences and humanities from Ukraine, allowing them to cooperate with scholars from Poland in joint scientific projects concerning the development of civil society, democracy, European integration, or security.

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