Second call for applications in TEAM and TEAM-TECH programmes

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As of today, leading researchers from all over the world may apply for grants to conduct innovative research under the TEAM and TEAM-TECH programmes that the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) is implementing with funding from the Smart Development Operational Programme (PO IR). Funding is made available to scientific institutions as well as companies. In the second call for applications, the FNP has earmarked a total of PLN 54 million for the two programmes.

In the TEAM programme beneficiaries can receive funding to finance research teams headed by leading scientists from all over the world. The projects, which must be carried out in cooperation with a foreign partner, should involve internationally ground-breaking R&D work of significance for the economy and society that is compatible with the National Smart Specialization list (KIS)*.

The TEAM-TECH programme, on the other hand, is intended for leading scientists with experience in the practical application of scientific research results. Funding in this programme is provided for R&D projects carried out in cooperation with a business partner and involving the development of a technology, process or innovative product.

In this and subsequent calls for applications in the TEAM-TECH programme, researchers will also be able to apply in the TEAM-TECH Core Facility module – a new element in the FNP’s programmes implemented under PO IR. This module will enable funding to be offered for R&D projects aimed at designing or developing a research service which in future would be provided commercially (where the service must be designed or developed using existing infrastructure and advanced research equipment).

In both programmes, eligible applicants are researchers who have at least a PhD, regardless of nationality. The teams they form should also employ students, PhD students and young postdocs. Funding is provided for a period of 3 years (with the possibility of an extension for another 2 years). The project budget is recommended not to exceed PLN 3,500,000. Among other things, the money can be spent on remuneration, commissioned work (subcontracting), stipends, training courses and traineeships as part of human resources development and a number of other costs linked to the R&D work. The projects may be carried out at research units, companies or scientific and industrial consortia in Poland. This means that support will also be available to companies that have operations in Poland. They can receive even up to 80% of funding for a project on the basis of the rules for providing state aid.

The application deadline in the second call for applications for both programmes is 20 June 2016. The next call for applications will be announced in November.

Up to the end of 2019 the Foundation plans to hold a total of 8 competitions each in the TEAM and TEAM-TECH programmes (including this year’s). Funding will go to more than 100 teams which will employ over 1,400 young researchers – students, PhD students and young postdocs.

More information on the TEAM and TEAM-TECH programmes, the TEAM-TECH Core Facility module as well as the application documentation together with attachments are available on the programme sites: TEAM, TEAM-TECH, TEAM-TECH Core Facility.

We also encourage you to contact the programme coordinators: information on the TEAM programme is available from Head of the Programme Coordination Section Beata Frączak, PhD (, tel. +48 22 845 95 43), while information on the TEAM-TECH programme is provided by Programme Coordinator Dariusz Łukaszewski, PhD Eng. (, tel. +48 22 311 84 25).

* In exceptional cases, while giving preference to KIS areas, the Foundation may agree to finance projects involving topics not on the KIS list if they show significant application potential or importance for solving a major socioeconomic problem.