TEAM-NET competition: call for applications has been launched

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Today, 1 October 2018, we are launching a call for applications for the competition held under the TEAM-NET programme. The total budget in this competition is PLN 100 million (funding from the Smart Growth Operational Programme). Applications will be accepted until 31 October.

Goal and key assumptions of the programme

TEAM-NET is a programme addressed to research units, offering funds for the creation of networks of collaborating research teams. Its primary goal is to encourage Polish units and their research staff to establish closer scientific cooperation. As a follow-up to the programmes implemented by the Foundation within Measure 4.4. “Increasing the human potential in the R&D sector” — TEAM, TEAM-TECH (with ‘core facility’ modules), FIRST TEAM, HOMING and POWROTY — TEAM-NET will feature a new format in response to FNP’s most recent role as the Implementing Authority in the above measure.

Who may apply

In order to apply for the TEAM-NET funding, the applicant must represent at least 3 but not more than 6 research units. Where the application is filed by a group consisting of 3-5 units, at least one of them must have category “A”; for 6-member groups, at least two must have this category. Cooperation between units from various regions in the country will be given preference.

Subject of the competition

In order to receive a grant, the applicant (i.e. the entity representing research units listed in the application or a consortium of such entities) will need to prepare a joint interdisciplinary research project covering at least two fields of science. The subject matter of the project should comply with the list of National Smart Specialisations and include R&D work, so that the project’s outcomes can be used in economic practice.

Amount of the funding

The research project can be implemented by 3 to 6 teams based in research units represented by the applicant. Each team can receive PLN 3.5 million for three years. The funding will be awarded for a period of 3 or 4 years. The funds can be spent to cover the costs of implementation of interdisciplinary research programmes, remuneration for team leaders and members, scholarships, etc.

Project implementation and research teams

Project implementation will be supervised by a Management Team, together with the Scientific and Economic Panel (KNG) performing management and advisory functions. In line with the competition objectives, research teams implementing a joint research programme will work under the direction of eminent scientists from Poland and abroad, selected in a competition procedure (except where a member of the managing team is nominated as the team leader). Work in these teams will be assigned, through open competitions, to young researchers – students, PhD students and junior postdoctoral researchers.

Assessment of applications

TEAM-NET competition applications are subject to formal and substantive assessment. Substantive assessment is made by the Project Assessment Committee (PAC), composed of experts appointed from the FNP’s list who have a demonstrable track-record in research as well as experience in implementing innovative R&D solutions. The substantive assessment is based on access and scoring criteria as per the catalogue of project selection criteria.

How to apply

Please submit your competition documents electronically using the form available on: The call for applications closes on October 31, 4.00 pm.

Note: please be advised that as of 1 October the following documents were updated to their latest versions:

A new appendix was also added:

The updated Competition Regulations include changes regarding mainly the addition of a new appendix (No. 13) which sets out the minimum scope of the consortium agreement. Furthermore, as The Cost Eligibility Guide received a paragraph on the method of calculation of simplified costs for unit rates in projects funded under the TEAM-NET competition (Section V), the Competition Regulations were modified accordingly (see points 4.5.3 and 6.1.3). A template declaration of the scholarship holder was added to the Regulations for the Award of Scholarships. Minor editorial changes were made to the model grant agreements.

More information and contact details

Additional information about the programme along with competition documents and coordinators’ contact details can be found on the programme website: LINK