TEAM-NET competition results

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The Foundation for Polish Science announced the results of the first TEAM-NET competition. Five projects received grants with a total value of over PLN 105 m.  

Research units which took part in the TEAM-NET competition could receive grants for developing a network of collaborating research teams which carry out interdisciplinary scientific research. 39 projects were entered into the competition. Following the substantive evaluation of the applications, five projects which received the highest score were qualified for funding. The research will be carried out by a total of 25 research teams in 18 collaborating research units.

 TEAM-NET 1/4.4/2018 competition results 

The table includes

  • a list of projects selected for funding, meeting the access and score criteria,
  • a list of projects which were not selected for funding due to the lack of available allocation, but meet the required criteria and have reached the minimum score threshold,
  • a list of projects which were not selected for funding, as they do not meet the access criteria or have not reached the minimum score threshold for the score criteria.

For more information, go to the TEAM-NET programme website

The TEAM-NET competition is organised by the Foundation for Polish Science, and is financed from the European Regional Development Fund, Measure 4.4: Increasing the human potential in the R&D sector of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (SGOP), Priority Axis IV: Increasing the research potential.