Results of the third competitions in the HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes

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The Foundation for Polish Science has announced the winners of the third competitions held under the HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes. A total of almost PLN 11.7 million will be awarded to fifteen young researchers to conduct innovative R&D projects in Poland.

Under the HOMING programme, which is addressed to scholars from abroad who wish to conduct research projects in Poland, ten young PhD holders will be able to develop their careers in Poland. They will receive a total of PLN 7.7 million to conduct post-doctoral projects. The POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme, on the other hand, will enable five female researchers to return to scientific work interrupted by parenthood or work outside the scientific realm. The winners will receive research funding in the total amount of almost PLN 4 million. The grant funding comes from the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

List of HOMING 3/2017 grant winners

List of POWROTY/REINTEGRATION 3/2017 grant winners

The third competition under the HOMING programme received entries for 34 projects, while 25 projects were submitted for the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme. The winners of both programmes will collaborate with 23 foreign research partners, 10 Polish research partners and one business partner from Poland, among others. Funds obtained from the Foundation for Polish Science will cover the costs of at least 23 jobs for scholars employed in the projects, as well as 21 scholarships for graduate and PhD students involved in the projects.

The financing is granted for two years. The winners were selected in a three-stage evaluation process carried out by foreign reviewers and experts of the scientific-economic and interdisciplinary panel.

The fourth, penultimate competition under both programmes, will start on 1 August 2017, and submissions will be accepted until 2 October 2017. The last competition in the HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes will be announced at the beginning of January 2018.

HOMING is a programme for people who wish to come or return from abroad to conduct scientific research work in Poland. The programme awards grants worth about PLN 800,000 for post-doctoral projects. The financing may be awarded for two years, without the possibility of extension. Projects may be conducted in research units or companies.

Researchers who interrupted their R&D careers due to parenthood or work in another sector of the economy may apply for grants worth ca. PLN 800,000 under the POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programme. Projects may be conducted in research units or companies.

In both programmes, young PhD holders may apply for financing regardless of their nationality. The projects, which must be implemented in collaboration with a research partner (domestic or foreign), may be critical international-scale R&D of great importance for the economy and society, especially in National Smart Specialisations.

The winners can use the grants to finance, among other things, salaries, scholarships and outsourced tasks (subcontracting), training and internships (under staff development) and to cover other R&D-related expenses. Companies conducting business in our country are also eligible to receive financing. They may receive up to 80% funding for implementing projects based on the rules for granting state aid.

More information is available on the programme websites: HOMING and POWROTY/REINTEGRATION.

Congratulations to all the winners!