The International Research Agendas programme: amended appendices

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Competition Documentation No 2/2015, and 3/2016, International Research Agendas Programme, has been amended on the February 15, 2017. Amendments pertain to Appendice No 1 to Competition Documentation No 2/2015 and 3/2016, International Research Agendas Programme: Cost Eligibility Guide for Measure 4.3 of the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

In connection with the updated Guidelines on Eligibility of Expenditures under the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund for the Years 2014 ? 2020 (the ?Guidelines?), the amendment introduced to the Public Procurement Law Act and the amendment introduced to Business Freedom Act, the Foundation has aligned the Guide with the new provisions of the aforementioned documents.

The most significant changes include:

  1. removing Appendice No 3 Principles of incurrence of expenses in accordance with the principle of fair competition and incorporating provisions regarding the principles of public procurement contract performance, in a simplified form, in the main body of the Guide, in order to make the applicable Guidelines or Programme Guidelines a primary source of information on the principle of competitiveness;
  2. updating the definition of double financing;
  3. specifying in greater detail the provisions regarding VAT eligibility in accordance with the Guidelines;
  4. removing the provisions regarding own contribution;
  5. aligning the Appendix No 1 Catalogue of eligible costs under Measure 4.3 International Research Agendas in that part concerning remuneration costs and subcontracting costs with the Guidelines;
  6. specifying in greater detail the principles of accounting for depreciation/amortisation and financial leasing, and regulating the eligibility of VAT charged on principal instalments;
  7. updating the value of transactions above which payments connected with economic acctivity must be made through a bank account.

The revised shall enter into force as of the March 1, 2017. The updated appendices are available in section ?Files to download? (Attachments to the Competition Documentation).