Nomination deadline for ?Innovators Under 35? competition extended

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We kindly inform that deadline for submitting nominations for prestigious competition Innovators Under 35 got extended until 26 April 2016. The Foundation for Polish Science is one of the partners of the competition.

The competition is organized by MIT Technology Review, the oldest tech magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The competition recognizes young leaders in various fields of new technologies whose work is helping to achieve solutions to global problems and improve the quality of life of many people around the world. The previous winners have included such figures as Konstantin Novoselov (winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics), Max Levchin (co-founder of PayPal), David Karp (founder of Tumblr), Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) and Linus Torvalds (founder of Linux).

The finalists in the 1st Polish edition of the competition included Olga Malinkiewicz, named Innovator of the Year, as well as two winners of FNP competitions: Katarzyna Nawrotek and Michał Mikulski, named Social Innovator of 2015.

In 2016, another 10 winners will be named ?Innovators Under 35? in the 2nd Polish edition of the competition. Two of them will receive the additional titles of Innovator of the Year and Social Innovator. This year a panel of experts from MIT Technology Review will also name three European finalists among all candidates taking part in European editions of the competition.

Nominations for the Polish edition of the competition opened on 10 February 2016. All nominees must be below age 35 at the end of 2016 and present an innovative technological project in fields such as Internet, hardware, software, biotechnology, nanotechnology, telecommunications, transportation and energy.

Nominations for the competition may be filed at the online platform until 26 April 2016.

After the nominations close, a panel of experts will evaluate the candidates? profiles and name 10 winners of the Polish edition. Details of the gala award ceremony will be announced later.

At the end of 2016, the entire Innovators Under 35 community will meet for Summit Europe, where they will discuss and propose solutions for current social problems in Europe.

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