Results of bibliometric study of grantees in Foundation for Polish Science programmes

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The Foundation for Polish Science has published on its website the report from a bibliometric study conducted among Polish researchers by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden.

The goal of the study was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Polish science, based on measurable results of research work, to map the research fields in which Polish scientists (including FNP grantees) achieve the best, world-class results, and to identify actual and potential networks of cooperation among researchers supported by the Foundation.

The study is useful primarily to analyze barriers and opportunities for development of Polish science and the scientific careers of Polish researchers. The study shows, among other things, the fields in which Polish researchers are the most effective and the fields in which they are most eager to work. The accomplishments of FNP grantees in specific subdisciplines are depicted in the report against the average figures for all Polish researchers, as well as the averages for the EU as a whole and for selected other countries. Because of the reliability of the data and the bibliometric methods, the study covered only researchers in the exact sciences, natural sciences and technical sciences.

This is one of the first professional bibliometric studies ever commissioned by a Polish institution financing scientific research. The results of the analysis paint an interesting picture of Polish science and provide a valuable contribution to the discussion of its condition and potential.

The study was conducted in 2015. It was commissioned by the Foundation for Polish Science and performed by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden. The study covered the year 2002?2012/13.

Research conducted under the SKILLS project financed with funds from the Human Capital Operational Programme.


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