Cold hybrid ion-atom systems – an article by an FNP programme winner gets published in Reviews of Modern Physics

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An international group of researchers from Universities based in Warsaw, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Cologne, and Maryland, led by the START, HOMING and FIRST TEAM programme winner, Dr Michał Tomza of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, has published a review article on cold hybrid ion-atom systems in Reviews of Modern Physics.

The article examines the microscopic physics models governing interactions and dynamics in mixtures of cold atoms and ions, and discusses the possible ways of preparing these systems through experiments. It also demonstrates how ultracold hybrid ion-atom systems can be applied in the studies of controlled chemical reactions, in the formation and studies of cold molecular ion spectroscopy, and in the implementation of quantum simulations of many-body physics.
Further reading:

  • The article in Reviews of Modern Physics can be found here
  • The website of Dr Tomza’s research group can be found here

Pictured: Dr Michał Tomza / Photo: Magdalena Wiśniewska Krasińska