Prof. Maciej W. Grabski (1934?2016)

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We are greatly saddened to learn of the death of Prof. Maciej Władysław Grabski (20 June 1934 ? 12 February 2016), a distinguished scholar of materials science and engineering, president of the Foundation for Polish Science in 1992?2005, a member of the Foundation Council since 2005, architect of the Foundation?s independence, stability, established position and prestige in the scientific community. His bold vision reshaped the landscape of Polish science after 1989.

We have lost a scholar who devoted himself to working for other scholars, a friend and mentor to young researchers, a distinguished figure of the world of science, and a great Pole.

Council, Executive Board and staff of the Foundation for Polish Science


Photo by Magdalena Wiśniewska-Krasińska