Amended templates for personal scholarship agreements: programmes financed from the EU funds

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The templates for personal scholarship agreements will be amended (the TEAM, FIRST TEAM, TEAM-TECH, HOMING, POWROTY/REINTEGRATION programmes). In particular, the amendments introduced are as follows:

  1. Article 1.2 of the agreement ? a personal scholarship agreement or annexes thereto will be drawn up by the Foundation only after the Project Manager has entered a certificate confirming the stipendee?s relevant status in the Foundation?s IT system (there is no need to send the certificate confirming the stipendee?s status to the Foundation together with the agreement; it need only be entered in the IT system);
  2. Article 4.2 of the agreement ? for the stipend to be paid starting from the month in which the Foundation receives a correctly completed and signed agreement, the competition in which the stipendee has been selected must have been held at the latest in the month preceding the month in which the Foundation receives a correctly completed and signed agreement (if the competition is held in the same month in which the signed agreement is provided to the Foundation, the stipend will be paid starting from the following month);
  3. Article 4.8 of the agreement ? the first installment of the stipend will be paid within 7 days of the date of the agreement, but not before the start of the period for which the stipend has been awarded (pursuant to Article 13.7, the date of the agreement is deemed to be the date on which the agreement is signed by the Foundation);
  4. Article 4.9 ? subsequent installments of the stipend will be paid not earlier than on the 1st day of each quarter, provided that the Project Manager has confirmed that the stipendee meets the conditions to receive the scholarship;
  5. Article 5.1 of the agreement ? the scope of the stipendee?s obligation has been extended to include the obligation to carry out the tasks under the project; it has been also specified that the stipendee is obliged to notify the Project Manager or the Foundation if there are any project-related problems.
  6. Article 6 of the agreement ? only periodic reports will be required (there are no final reports);
  7. Article 9.3 of the agreement ? it has been specified that an application to change the period for which the stipend has been granted must be approved by the Foundation;
  8. Articles 2.1, 3.1, and 13.2 of the agreement ? stylistic or linguistic changes have been introduced which do not affect the obligations of the parties to the agreement.
The updated appendices are available in section ?Files to download?: